Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Knitting

My knitting world has been taken over in the past two days by the Enchanted Woods Shawl KAL. I received the clue on Sunday evening my time and wound the ball of yarn. Monday afternoon I cast on (which took almost 2 hours alone), and yesterday I got 12 of the 19 rows finished from clue 1. I'm hoping to finish the rest of the clue today sometime. Here's the progress as of last night:I'm really enjoying the beading on the shawl too, especially since this is my first time ever actually making a beaded shawl.

I also finished a lap afghan for DF this weekend. It's out of fuzzy boucle yarn. Here's the finished project:Decent-sized granny square afghan. It's fuzzy and warm which is what I wanted it to be.

And I'll leave you with a rare "in the wild" knitted object use by DF this weekend. Yes, that would be the fish hat. I finally got eyes put on the darned thing this weekend and that same day, DF had it on, in all it's fishy glory:Tomorrow: Hopefully a finished clue 1 and the story of how a yarn has defeated me.

Knit on...

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