Monday, January 04, 2010

Holiday Yarn Aquisition

So as I mentioned before on the blog, my stash was getting low. Now this does not mean I was down to just one or two project's worth of yarn, but it was entering that uncomfortable stage for me where I could see the wood associated with the bookshelves. Prior to the holiday aquisition, this is what the stash looked like:Like I said, most people would be ok with this. I however was getting antsy. So, on Christmas day I was able to unwrap a few things from my parents. First was two needle sets. They got me the Harmony wood DPN sock set and the Zephyr interchangeable needle set. Don't have a picture of the clear needles since they are already in the zippered notebook with the rest of the Options needles, but here is one of the Harmony needles:They also got me two skeins of the Risata sock yarn:And 15 skeins of Swish Worsted in the Lava Heather colorway. This will become my Knitting Olympics project, but that will be talked about another day:After Christmas, I hit JoAnn Fabrics for an after Christmas sale. First, I picked up a couple skeins of Bernat Sox to try out since I've never used this yarn before:Then I saw Paton's Kroy and Stretch were also on sale, so I picked up a few skeins of those:And then I hit the Sensations Bamboo and Ewe sock yarn line and went a little nuts:And to just add insult to injury, I picked up some cheapo boucle to make a lap blanket to keep my legs warm at night:Lastly, I joined the Enchanted Woods KAL from the Unique Sheep and my yarn had arrived by the time I showed up in Florida. Here's my colorway:I also picked up beads to go with this, but forgot to take a picture. Maybe as the KAL begins and moves along I'll get some photos. This starts on January 10.

After the great stash aquisition, this is what my stash bookshelf looks like now:Ah, much better now, don't you think?

Knit on...

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pmoys said...

I've used the bernat sox before and I like it a bit. I've since discovered lorna's laces and cherry tree hill sock yarns, but I would not mind working with it again.