Thursday, April 20, 2006

And Now for the Magic Side of Knitting Magic Girl

AKA, to Rathi or not to Rathi?

He eats land, yes, but he's a freaking 5/5 for 4 mana!

I'm building a dragon deck. I know, it has a snowball's chance in hell of being a tournament quality deck, but it's just fun. So far, I know Hunted Dragon and Shivan Dragon are in and possibly Niv Mizzet, but what about my friend, Rathi Dragon? He's a tricky one. If I have some mana acceleration, he's not as bad as what he seems to be right now. So, what to do?

Aside from the dragon theme, the deck is packing 4 Flames of the Blood Hand, 4 Char, 4 Lava Spike, 4 shock, and if I play blue. then it'll have Electrolyze in there as well. It's a burn deck with dragons. Yep, very simple.

OK, for the knitters out there, I know I have probably completely lost your attention. But if I haven't, then let me update you on the works in progress. I'm about 4 inches into the first sleeve on the paradise fish sweater. I haven't touched my sock and I have no intention of touching it until the sweater is done. After the sweater, I think I'll make a garter stitch scarf just because I want something easy. I'm also working on my four year dragon cross-stitch piece. I might get that done in another year. We'll see. It's very pretty. If I can remember to take my stuff over to DBF's, I'll get some pictures.

Oh, and over at DBF's a robin pair has made a nest and there are two litte baby birds. Three eggs were laid, but it looks like the third one isn't going to hatch. I love the pretty blue eggs though. DBF discovered the nest and has been taking pictures. I took some pictures last night when I went over to watch Amazing Race (close call for the hippies). I also brought over my video camera and we shot some footage of the baby birds. I left the camera with DBF so he could get some footage of them as they start growing. Poor mama bird probably wishes we would leave her alone.

OK, there's the update. I have a photo club meeting tonight and I'm skipping town for the weekend as of tomorrow, so no posts until Monday. I'm sure I'll have a bunch to report then. Plus I'll have my dragon deck finished :oP

Knit on...

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