Friday, April 07, 2006

Poker and Knitting

Last night, DBF and I went to play Poker at the free league here in town. It was pretty fun. I decided to take along my paradise fish sweater in progress in case I got knocked out of the tournament early. DBF brought three portable gaming devices so that he and two other guys he used to work with could play in case they got knocked out of the tournament. This league is a very loose league. You may go all in and five people will call you and all they have is a Queen high. It's crazy. It can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. Anyways, I knit while we were playing and both DBF and I made it to the final table. DBF came in third which is his all-time best at the league and I came in first by some fluke. Both DBF and I were constantly short stacked it seemed too, so still not sure how both of us finished that high, but I'm not complaining. So, DBF and I picked out a nice chip set to take home as the prize. We now have plenty of clay poker chips. I think we might have to have a poker night start up. Who knows.

OK, knitting update now: I have taken pictures this morning of the stash of yarn. I am only missing one picture of the six skeins of wool-ease sitting in the trunk of my car, but the batteries just died on the camera, so I'll have to wait until this afternoon if it's not storming too bad to get a picture of that. Yes, yarn is in my room, in my car, in my desk drawers at work. Time for stash reduction!

Well, lots of deadlines at work, so I better get to it.

Knit on....

Edited on 5/25/06: I needed a place to put my button icons so that they stop dissappearing, so they're going here now. Just ignore them if you want. I'm just tired of blogger not working the way I need it to.

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