Friday, April 28, 2006

Sunburn and Lost Money

Ah, Spring is here. Next weekend is the Kentucky Derby and all in the state are planning their parties and blowing money at the best racetrack in the state: Keeneland. I was one of these people yesterday. I went in with 50 bucks and I came out with 12. I didn't win a single bet. That was my worst betting luck at Keeneland in, well, ever.

DBF however was picking the winners left and right! He came out about 30 bucks ahead by the end of the races I think. I should have bet what he was betting! Of course, if I had done that, the horses would have lost. I have a tendency to curse people :oP

After the races, we took my grandmother out to dinner and then DBF and I headed off to poker night. I sucked. On the bright side, I did finish the last sleeve on the paradise fish sweater. I got it all sewn up this morning before I started work and now I'm weaving in the bazillion ends (yes, that's a lot) and getting it ready for the sari silk yarn to be attached to the bottom. Even without the silk, the sweater looks pretty good. It fits fairly good, but I do need to lose some of my belly fat. I'll work on that...

Pictures will be up either tomorrow or on Monday, depending on if I wake up in time on Saturday to post. The Yarn Harlot is coming in tomorrow, but I don't think I'll make it to her talk. Oh well. Jane is taking my book to be signed. Hopefully Jane will get her picture on the blog.

I also got very very sunburned yesterday. I hurt like hell. Just thought I would share. I better get some work done.

Knit on...

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