Friday, April 14, 2006

The Memorial

I went to Aunt Marti's memorial yesterday and it was beautiful. She really has done so much in her life. It was a sad time for most of the family, but it turned into a celebration by the end of the day. We all went to my cousin's farm after the service and watched a video of Marti talking about some of her life's experiences. I should be getting a copy of that once they burn more DVDs. We all ate and drank in celebration, just like she used to do. She was always about throwing parties whenever she had the chance, so we all found it fitting that her memorial turned into a party to celebrate the woman that she was. I'm going to really miss her, but I think she'll be watching over me and DBF as we travel places.

I knit a little before the memorial to take my mind off of the finality that morning was going to bring. The paradise sweater is now 14 inches long. Only 10 more inches to go and then I'll make my way to the sleeves. I put the sock away yesterday. I want to finish the sweater, then I'll start working more on the sock.

My grandma is planning on staying almost a month up here. I was going to help her with her afghan, but she said that my cousin liked it how it was and said it didn't need any more work, so it's now in her possession. Oh well. Tomorrow is my big family Easter gathering. Of course it's supposed to rain. It rained this morning and is supposed to rain tonight too. Rain, rain, rain. You might never see the 6 skeins of wool-ease in the back of my car :oP

I'm still a little scattered right now dealing with not seeing Aunt Marti anymore. I think I'll have to go visit Uncle Chuck soon and take him out to dinner. DBF and I got to talk to him a lot yesterday. I think Uncle Chuck really likes DBF.

I'll get some pictures of the WIPs soon. Right now there's not too much change from what you've seen. Well, back to work. Blah.

Knit on...

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