Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Weekend in Pictures

OK, so this weekend was about photography. After getting my film pictures back last night, I was very dissappointed, but at least my slides turned out good for the competition. So, here is the weekend in what decent prints I could use:

This is where we stayed. It's a very nice lodge and it's a historical site as well. Pretty close to the big waterfall and everything too (this is the Cumberland Falls state resort by the way). It also had some pretty yellow and white irises. I took a few snapshots of those as well.

Before setting out to shoot some wildflower pictures, DBF showed me what my little cousins had given him for Easter. Isn't it cute?
So, after eating some bunny shaped sweet tarts, we hit the trails in search of exotic wildflowers. We both got some shots of pink lady slippers, trilliums, mayapples, and other wildflowers. Nothing too exciting. I was very upset with how my wildflower pictures turned out on the print film, but here's a couple of pictures of a trillium and a grouping of bridal veil ferns.

The next two pictures are about tripods. As lazy as I was by the end of that last trail, I stopped trying to set up good shots of mayapples. So, lesson learned...don't waste the film, just set up the darned tripod.

The trails were also beautiful this weekend. I was fascinated by the tree growing out of the big boulder.

Oh, and the most amazing thing has been occuring in DBF's front yard: Baby Robins! Yes, a pair of robins decided to nest very close to the front door of the house. This is what they looked like just before we left for the weekend.
And this is what they looked like by the time we got back! There's even a third one now!
And here they are with mama bird or papa bird. I can't tell the difference between them!

So there you have it! That was my weekend in pictures. Tomorrow will be the knitting update. I will have pictures of the sleeve that caused all the trouble even. Also, pictures of my dragon cross stitch in progress. I suppose I should get some work done this morning. Why work when you can play with pictures? :oP

Knit on....

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