Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Nautie KAL

Yes, I have decided to join the Nautie KAL which is dedicated to knitting the new ammonite and orthoceras pattern on I'm excited, can you tell?

On Monday, I learned that my aunt Marti died. Her funeral will be tomorrow and I have to go pick my grandma up at the airport for it today. Grandma has just started to knit again after a many years hiatus from knitting. I'm glad she's getting back into it. She's working on afghans right now. She's trying to figure out a crocheted border to it, so I'll have to help her out some there.

I've got about 13 inches in the paradise fish sweater done now and of course I left it at home this morning. My brain is scattered for sure. Last night, DBF and I went and played some poker and I drank a very good margarita. Sorry, Aunt Marti, I just cannot drink a dry gin martini like you used to do. It tastes like gasoline. I finished 9th in the tournament and DBF won it. We're on a winning streak! He won a commissioned painting from a very good artist in town, so I can't wait to see how that looks.

My mind is numb. Too much has been going on since Monday. The family is arguing amongst themselves, but that happens whenever anything major happens. I'm going to show my love for my aunt and my uncle and grandma. Wish me luck, I'll need it...

Knit on...and knit nautiloids...

Edited on 6/7/06: Needed a place to stick this button so that I can put it on my sideboard. Ignore if you wish.

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