Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Of Crotch Noodles and Unitarian Jihad

Last night was a much needed stitch and bitch session for me. I went over to the usual place, had the best baked brie of my life, and obtained elightenment by ways of chocolate machiato cheesecake. It was a very good evening. While we stitched and bitched, we talked about water aerobics, which led to crotch noodles, which then led to the Unitarian Universalist Jihad. Yes, conversations were good. I found a website that allows you to generate your Jihad name and I am: Sister Logging Chain of Looking at All Sides of the Question. Here's the link if you want to try: Also, for more information about the Unitarian Jihad, please see the following:

We all might have stabbed the Junior Club if they didn't quit giggling after their margaritas. As Jane said last night, the sign of a true woman is to be able to have a glass of wine and not turn into one of them.

I finished the back panel of my paradise fish sweater last night as well. Now it's on to the sleeves. I have almost 2 inches of sleeve number one done. I have another stitching and bitching session at noon today at work, so more will be done on the sleeve and some more work will be done on Nautie.

I woke up at 4 this morning to lightning striking very near the outside wall adjacent to my bedroom. I think it might have hit the car next door. It was not the usual slow wake-up that I prefer. So, ::clears throat:: Maggie, I almost died today!

I'll get some pictures tonight when I go watch Amazing Race with DBF. This has to be a non-elimination round tonight. They haven't had one all season! We'll see. The hippies are in back, so I'm concerned about my team. DBF's team MoJo is doing quite well. Now why won't the frat boys just get eliminated?

Well, I better get some work done before running errands for the big annual meeting coming up.

Knit on...

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ericah64 said...

Crotch noodles? Crotch noodles? Do I WANT to know? Is that like a front wedgie?