Monday, March 26, 2007

A Little Magic, A Little Disc Golf, Not Much Knitting

Yeah, it was beautiful outside this weekend. On Saturday, DBF and I went to play Magic and did OK. Well, he did OK, my deck hated me. I played a random deck I threw together that I call Akroma's Blink. It worked well first round and then the mana problems started. In a two color deck, it's important to get both colors of mana typically. I only drew one color of it, and it happened to be the color that I have the least amount of cards in. So, I couldn't cast anything and I got beat by 5 color Slivers. What the hell? I think that was the only round that guy won all day. Third round I get a bye. Woot, I get a free win! Turns out to be my only win. Fourth round, I play a Dralnu deck and get my arse handed to me courtesy of the same mana problems. I really don't understand why that was going on. Gotta love it when a deck works well in practice, but when you get in a tourney, it freezes up. Oh well. DBF went 2-2 for the day and then we ran away to go see a movie.

Before the movie, we took a walk downtown since it was so nice out. There were quite a few people walking, so it was nice to just people watch a little. Then we sat down and watched The Host. It was touted as the "One of the greatest monster movies of all time" and it was set in South Korea, so DBF and I thought it would be fun to see. The animation on the monster was pretty cool. Plot was so-so, ending was so-so, movie was so-so. But damn that monster looked cool! Plus the popcorn at that movie theater is pretty good, and we all know that is very important.

Sunday DBF and I played disc golf after church since it was such a nice day out. We only played nine holes before we had to head home to watch The Amazing Race, but it was fun playing the nine holes. I'm thinking of heading out and playing some more today after work to try to get in some exercise. I've heard that exercise is a good thing when trying to lose weight :oP

Not much knitting happened this weekend. I worked some on the sock in between rounds of Magic, but that was about all I did. I'll work on the sock some more today at lunch and at poker tonight, so maybe I can finish sock 1 of 2 tonight and it'll warrant a picture. I felt like the lack of knitting this weekend really didn't warrant a picture last night. Not much has changed since the last picture.

Knit on...

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