Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sock Needle Holders, Disc Golf, and a Bunny

I really need to work on my titles for posts, I know. At least the title describes what this post is about anyways. Yesterday after work it was so nice out that I had to spend some time outside. I ran over to a local park and played nine holes of disc golf. I'm rediculously sore today. I guess two days in a row of disc golf was enough to do that. I'll take today off considering it's still nice out and my grass shot up about a foot in the past two days, so I'll be mowing tonight. At least it's still being outside!

I also got a package in the mail yesterday with a little present I had ordered myself. Emily has these cool sock needle holder things and I have been wanting some for a while. I was getting tired of my sock sliding off the needles when not being worked on that I ordered these from Simply Socks:

They really are the most simple things and I really could have made them myself, but they were cheap and I bought them. It's two caps connected by a piece of elastic. They hold up to 5 US size 0-3 DPNs that are 6 inches long. They've got them in other sizes too. I used them last night and I loved them. As you can also see, I'm decreasing the toe in this picture. That changed last night after I finished the whole sock, grafted the toe and tried it on and it was too small. I'm usually really good about judging sizes, but this sock was just too small. So, rrrriiiiipppp back before the decreases and add some more length. I'll finish it tonight for sure, then I'll work on the Fiddlehead scarf some more.

I played poker last night. In typical me fashion, I went out in 9th place just before final table. I wasn't getting any good cards, but I got some good knitting done and it got me out of the house anyways. I came home and pet Spooky some before heading to bed.

The bunny looked bored last night. What do you think?

Knit on...

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asterpurl said...

Hope you like the stitch holder! It is very much like the one I have. A great way to protect your stitches, especially when having to re-do them. The sock looks awesome - yah for a fitting one soon!
I've tried on the picot cuff sock on-the-needles. It feels good. Once the pair is done I can do some wearing tests and evaluate how well they stay up. :-)
Have a great day!