Friday, March 23, 2007

Run, Tubby, Run!

OK, those of you who read this blog with any regularity know that I am a University of Kentucky fan. I graduated from there, DBF graduated from there, and my dad graduated from there. I have a strong connection to UK. I also by default have a strong connection to UK basketball. Growing up in Florida, I was the oddball in the school who didn't like any Florida teams, but instead cheered on the Cats. Cat fans can be rough, just ask any coach who's ever been at UK, but we demand to be national contenders every year. The past 10 years, we've started to go downhill a bit. We're not winning the SEC or advancing farther than the second round of the NCAA. That's enough to make most Cat fans a little concerned. So who do we blame?

Tubby. We blame Tubby Smith. He's a nice enough guy, but nice isn't enough for UK. We'd rather have a Bobby Knight personality that gives us wins. Sorry, Tubby, that's just the way it is. So, Tubby is taking the smart way out of this. He's leaving before he gets fired. Good for him.

Now we're going to need a new coach. I know this will piss off some people, but can Petino come back? I was watching Louisville play in the tourney and they are just fun to watch. Petino teams are fast. Anyways, on to some knitting content!

I've finished a complete pattern repeat on the Fiddlehead scarf. Two more repeats to go. It would go much faster if there weren't all these wrapped stitches to create a dropped stitch look to the thing. Take a look:2 and a half fiddleheads done now. I was dumb and forgot to put my stitch markers back on, but I think I will be able to remember fifteen stitches until I can get them back on. If I don't, please remind me that I said my memory was good enough to remember the number 15.

I'll leave you with a random Spooky shot from last night. Yep, I'm wearing those socks to death, well, twice anyways. Had to wash them in between!

Knit on...

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