Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flu and a Heel Flap

Well, the crud that I had last week appears to have gone to DBF now. My doctor told me that I had bronchitis and gave me antibiotics to cure it. She did a Strep test, but never did a flu test. DBF was feeling so bad yesterday that I took him to the doctor after work. They did a flu test. Bingo. I hope I had the flu so that I don't get a double whammy from this. I know DBF feels like hell, so any good wishes for him would be much appreciated.

Also, did you know that Tamiflu costs like 100 bucks without insurance? Rediculous. Anyways...

I worked a little on the second sock and finished the heel flap. Gotta turn the heel at lunch today.
I also have a swatch that has been sitting at my house since last week. You can't see it in this picture, but it's got three different cables on it. I'm taking this to poker tonight so that Kim can figure out which cable she likes the best and I can start working on the monster of a duster. Here's the swatch:

It's homespun in Edwardian colorway. The cables really pop out when you see it in person. I'll try to shoot it in black and white sometime and see if that will make the cables pop out here. I would have taken this to poker last night, but I spent the evening with DBF, watching Rome and Lingo and "helping" him finish off the Krispy Kreme donuts from Sunday. Did I mention that I was back on Weight Watchers? :oP Seriously, I only had one 4 point donut and I counted it, so all is well.

Knit on...

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