Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stupid Me

Stupid me forgot the CD with the pictures on it this morning, so it'll be tomorrow before I get any pictures on here. My head is still not right courtesy of this dumb cold and two of my coworkers have it now. I suspect that the guy who is in the far cubicle caught it last week and infected the rest of the room. He was out the last half of the week and I'm going to guess that's why. Gotta love the winter season and all the colds that are associated with it. You would think that cold weather would slow viruses and crap down. I guess not.

I knitted some more on the sock yesterday and finished the first one. I'm past the ribbing on the second one now and will work some more on it today at lunch and at home. I also started a crochet sweater for myself out of Bernat soft boucle from my stash. I am really trying to use up as much yarn as I can right now. I want to try to condense the stash down to one big container before I have to move out of the house when the owners come back. It'll just be less to move then.

There will be pictures tomorrow unless I am once again a dumbass who forgets the CD that is lying right on the table as plain as day.

Knit on...

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