Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Best Laid Plans Never Come to Fruition

Yep, so I had planned on finishing Quant last night while I sat at the laundromat. Little did I realize how fast those high capacity washers were going to run, so I ended up getting to the last section of Quant before packing it all up and heading home. Trust me, I'd rather not finish my knitting and be done with laundry sooner than to finish it and have to sit in a laundromat longer, so no complaints from me. Here's a terrible picture of the WIP:Tonight I will get better, much more well-lit pictures of the wrap. I'll hopefully be done at lunch time and will be able to hand felt this thing tonight before SnB and I can join the Quant club :oP

I would have finished the thing last night, but I needed to make lunches for the next few days. I've been trying to plan my foods ahead since I am attempting to lose weight. So far, so good. This new med is working pretty well and it seems to be allowing me to shed some weight without absolutely starving myself. So last night, I made brown rice cream cheese sushi. I had to taste a piece and it was good as of last night, so hopefully it'll be good for the next two days!

Knit on...

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