Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sheepy Nightmares

Yeah, so last night the SnB group decided to have a movie night and watch the movie Black Sheep. It's a B horror movie with lots of gore, man-eating sheep, and quite a few twisted moments. I can handle B horror movies OK. Certain horror flicks scare the bejebus out of me (Saw: don't ever watch that alone again), but corny ones I can handle, even if this one was a wee bit gory. Anyways, we knit, we watched, we ate good food. It was a fun night.

Since I really didn't want to work on Donegal last night during the movie because I could just see color work going horribly wrong and I don't want to do any ripping if I can avoid it, I ended up casting on for a baby blanket for my cousin. My great grandmother commissioned the blanket and said she wanted it to be pink and white. Those of you who know me well know that I despise pink. Maybe it's because I can't see it too well because of the colorblindness issue, or maybe I just don't like pink at all, but I could seriously see myself going crazy having to crochet a whole blanket out of pink. So, while at ReBelle yesterday, I picked out my version of pink and white, which everyone assures me is much bolder than a normal pink, but still looks girly:Plus, this way the baby will be able to see the blanket. Babies apparently love highly contrasting colors because their eyes can see them better. So, specs on the blanket:

Blue Sky Cotton in what people assure me is dark pink/rose and a very pale pink (I thought it was white). I think it'll turn out fine. I do think I'll be needing another skein of the darker color though since I'm almost through with the first skein and only have about 8 inches done on this so far. I would like it to be big enough to actually cover the child.

Size L hook I think. I'm too lazy to look at it right now.

Modified half-double crochet stitch to make it smooshier (yes, smooshier should be a word).

Today I'm going to have another lunch SnB with Kim. I brought my Korean pictures, so I'll get to show and tell some today. Also, I upgraded to a flickr pro account, so I'll be posting all 300+ shots on there when I get a chance. I'll post a link when I do.

Knit on...


robiewankenobie said...

i am mad jealous of your snb availability. *le sigh*

Dana said...

YEA can't wait to see Korea pics! :) The baby blanket looks great- the colors are pretty.

Katie said...

having seen the blanket last night, it does look quite lovely! being another that doesn't care for pink, I wouldn't mind those colors for my little girl.

Knitting Magic Girl said...


I do have to admit that I loved seeing you making things for the new wee one that were not pink! The new baby is adorable and so well behaved too!

Janis said...

As another girl who doesn't like pink, I think that is a cool combination. :) I knit a baby blanket in that yarn too and went for a "smooshy" texture as well. That yarn calls for it!