Thursday, January 24, 2008

No, You Can't Touch That

First off, I would like to thank my mom for sending me coffee and a nice stainless steel canister to hold said coffee. Have I mentioned that Mom rocks? Well, she does. Thanks, Mom!

I would show you a picture of said coffee and canister, but sadly, I forgot the little device that allows me to get pictures off my memory card. I blame CO2 fumes from yesterday.

Yesterday was actually pretty fun. I was teaching kids about CO2 and showing them some of the things it could do. I showed them that it can suffocate a flame, and in turn, could suffocate a kid if you got close enough to it. I showed them that it's heavier than air by floating soap bubbles on top of the layer of CO2 gas. I even showed them it was a gas by adding it to a bottle of water and watching it blow up a balloon. The kids seemed to enjoy it, even if we were sitting next to the live animal exhibit with the rat kangaroo and the kookabura (sp?) and they kept glancing over there, knowing they got to pet stuff when they were there. They weren't allowed to touch stuff on our table because it could burn them (dry ice burns).

It also made me realize how much I enjoy teaching kids, especially kids who are around 4-5 grade. They're young enough then that they're still cute, but old enough to really start grasping concepts of things.

Anyways, pictures tomorrow when I remember to bring in the card reader thing.

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ericah64 said...

Yeah, but what about the kid who puked?