Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Blanket

So last night, I decided that I wanted to work some more on the blanket to see how far I could get with the three skeins I bought of cotton. That will give me a better idea of how much I need to pick up to finish the thing. Hopefully two more skeins will do it, but I have a feeling that I'll need three more. We'll see. Anyways, here's the progress on the blanket:I'll try to work on it some more at lunch and then I'll have a good idea of how much I'll be needing. I'll probably hit ReBelle tomorrow so that I can have the yarn for the long weekend. I'm rather looking forward to having a day off on Monday. Of course, I think everyone always looks forward to days off from work.

Tonight I'm going out with Erica to a Korean BBQ place in town. DF and I ate there before, so I know it's good and since I was talking about Korean BBQ to her so much, I figured I would just take her there. Plus, I have to admit that I have been craving Korean food since I left. Not so much the kimchee though, but man is that bean paste good.

Knit on...

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