Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finished Quant (Good Timing)

Well, I finished Quant at lunch yesterday and talk about good timing. We had some rain come through last night and now it's 15 degrees outside with a wind chill of 2. Fun fun. Could be worse though, could be in China! Oh wait, that's where DF is right now! He decided to go visit some of his friends and old students in China while he had a two week break from classes, plus it was pretty cheap to head over there since he was so close. I heard from him this morning and he's not caught in the travel nightmare too much. He's just cold since it was -11C there at the time he was writing. He also emailed me and wanted to know why my blog is on the banned list in China :oP China bans a lot of blogger stuff, but now I know :oP

Anyways, here's Quant:Side A: Ignore the fact that I am currently bundled up like the Michelin Tire man. It's 15 degrees outside and I was about to leave for work. Here's my stupid frontal face shot:Wow, I look scared in that pictures...flame away in the comments :oP
Last side. They almost ended up matching with the colorways.

So, the Quant review:
It's an OK pattern. It's a simple three diamond entrelac pattern, but it keeps you interested long enough to finish it. It's a little bit big on me right now, but I'll be felting it some probably either tonight or tomorrow and we'll see how that makes it look. All in all, it was still fun to knit, but I like my calorimetry better.

Lastly, I leave you with a picture of Spooky, going for the jugular on the toy rabbit. I think she won that fight:And I might add that she then drug the rabbit under the bed. I'm not sure, but Spooky may have also been a bear in a past life :oP

Knit on...

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