Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Half-Way Done (With the Ribbing)

Last night I didn't feel like doing anything, so I grabbed Donegal and worked on it for about two hours while letting Spooky have free run over my bedroom. It's too cold for the bunny now since she's not used to cold weather, so she's a little antsy since she doesn't get to run around outside all day. At least she can run around my room and not find too much to get into trouble with now that I learned to close the toilet bowl cover after she jumped into that once. Anyways, I made some progress on Donegal. I'm half way done with the ribbing on it. I'll be pretty happy when I get done with all the ribbing. I'll go much faster when I just get into the pattern itself and can have all stitches be plain knit. I also tried on the ribbing last night because it looked awfully small to me and I am not going to knit an Alice Starmore sweater and have it not fit. Anyways, it fits and surprised me at the amount of stretch it has. Here's the ribbing so far:I'm really liking the color choices I made too. the teal was the only one I was really worried about since it wasn't in that Heathers category, but even so, it's not obnoxious enough to make me try another color. I rather like the little bright streak that is in there. The yarn for this is all Knit Picks Palette in the heathers line. I saw someone on Ravelry had made the sweater with the regular Palette yarn and I felt it was too bold for my liking. The heathers are much more subdued and blend together rather nicely I think.

Tonight is SnB movie night. We'll be watching the Kiwi horror flick Black Sheep. Gotta love a movie whose concept is all the sheep in New Zealand running around and eating people. Should be fun with a bunch of knitters and munchies! Plus, maybe I'll manage to get close to finishing the ribbing between lunch SnB and after work. I'll probably work on the sock during the movie since I'll be wanting to actually see the sheep attacking people.

Knit on...

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