Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Get Out of Debt Fund

OK, so as promised on Friday, I took pictures of the yarn that I'll be selling for the help Leah get out of debt fund. All the yarn for sale is handspun and it's all animal-based products, though most of it is certified humane raised. Here's what I've got:75% humane wool/25% soysilk. Bigger skein is 115 yards, smaller is 90 yards. It's a heavy worsted to light bulky weight yarn with about 10-12 WPI. It's a nice seafoam color and is pretty true to how the picture looks. Take both skeins for15 dollars. Email me or see my etsy store listing which should be up soon after this.Humane 100% llama handspun from a llama named Razzleberry. It's a natural brown color. There are 6 skeins totalling 544 yards. It's a heavy worsted weight with 11-12 WPI. Take it all for 40 bucks.3 skeins of a colonial mix in a dark denim colorway. Yardage is 198 yards. This is a bulky 2-ply yarn. Have all three for 20 bucks.100% humane merino wool, hand-dyed by Insubordiknit in the colorway Polyamorous. This is a nice super bulky, thick and thin yarn that would make a great hat or short scarf. I forgot to take the yardage measurement, but it's probably close to 100 yards. 10 bucks for the two skeins.
merino/mohair blend in a deep blue color. It has a nice halo on it. Only reason I'm parting with this is that I have discovered mohair doesn't like me very much and I think I may have a skin sensitivity to it. I forgot to measure this one too, but I think it's probably 125-150 yards and will measure it sometime tonight to give a proper number. It's a light bulky weight yarn. 15 dollars for the two skeins.

OK, now that you're tired of me trying to sell stuff, I'll stop :oP All this will be on Etsy sometime today too and you can find me at knittingmagicgirl.etsy.com All the yarns were handspun by yours truly, but I have found while I love to spin, I don't use my own yarn because I find it too pretty and it becomes a pet. I can't have twenty pet skeins and growing sitting around gathering dust. Plus all proceeds go straight to Bank of America :oP

Today is SnB. We'll see if I can come close to finishing the sock. It'll be close I think.

Knit on...


Janis said...

By the way, what is a colonial mix? I picked up some roving at a sheep and wool show and it had a similar label and I was wondering what that meant.

Knitting Magic Girl said...

From what I can tell from my googling, colonial refers mostly to Leicester long wool breeds. Sounds like the term can refer to a mixture of long-haired sheep, so a colonial mix is probably a mixture of different long-haired breeds. Any one else have any other info?