Friday, August 17, 2007

How About Some Pictures

Edited on 9/27/07: Needed a place to put the ravelry button for the sidebar!

Ok, I've been promising pictures for a while and I actually have them today. First, let's look at the ring:Isn't it purty :o) DF (hey, first time I can say DF instead of DBF) got a good deal on it at the jewelry store we went to, so that was also good.

Next up is Courtney's baby blanket. I found out she's having a girl, but I had bought this yarn a while back. It's actually kinda girly anyways. It's baby coordinates in the aqua pink colorway.Sorry it's dark, but it was last night when I took this one since the blanket grew some more after I worked on it. I've used up one skein and am moving to skein 2. I always make baby blankets with two skeins of the stuff so they'll be nice and thick. Last, but not least, is a little felted fox kit that I picked up at ReBelle last week. I finally felted the pieces and just laid them the way they will be sewn together later today.He's quite cute. This is going to my friend Maggie who collects foxes. I've got to stitch him together and then stuff him. He is really cute and I might just have to make another one for me since I have enough yarn left over.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm hoping mine is nice and pain-free and full of some good sleep.

Knit on...

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