Thursday, August 23, 2007

Insert Witty Title Here

Yeah, nothing is coming to mind today for a title, so make up your own. I forgot to take pictures of the sock this morning, so tomorrow you'll have some, but for today, just imagine a sock that is about 3 inches long now.

Last night I went to a Mary Kay pampering thing that I won and I took my grandmother. I figure I haven't done anything with her in a while, and most of my friends were taking night classes, so we went to what we knew would be a night of playing with products and pushing the sales lady away at every turn because we didn't want to buy anything. We played with the stuff and my grandma even found an eye makeup product that she wanted to try, so we picked up a few things, but not the 500 dollars worth of stuff that the big package offered. It was a nice package, but I'll stick with my bare minerals makeup, Aveeno wash and Seabreeze astringent. Anyways, it was nice to spend some time with my grandma aside from just sitting there watching TV or eating dinner.

Terribly exciting post today, I know. I'll work on getting something more witty or fun for tomorrow. I think I'm just sad that I didn't win the powerball last night :oP

Knit on...

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