Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Taking a Break

So, last night I was at SnB at Jane's and I just didn't feel like knitting at all. I've been feeling this coming for a little while now and I think I may have burned myself out a little with the slog and everything else, so I'm going to put the needles down for a little bit and pull out the old dragon cross-stitch which is still in progress five years later, and finish the darned thing. I should be able to finish it within a week, so hopefully a week away from knitting will do the trick.

I'll probably be knitting tomorrow. Come on, you all know me better than that! I'm just not going to force myself to knit on the stole, the sock, the sweater, or anything else right now. I'm going to work on the needlework and see how quickly I can finish that up. As Jane said, it's all about sticks and string anyways.

Knit on...

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Chelle and Maylee said...

OMG!! Thanks so much I'm all tired from virtual vacationing and your package was beyond what I thought it would be. I love the yarn you spun! Very pretty and petable.

I'm sure from that you've realized that I got my package today. I posted about it on my blog and wanted to thank you directly before I fail down with exhaustion.

You rock! Thanks,

PS I love the dragon cross stitch!