Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guess What?

Yup, more dishcloths! I finished three of the spring colored ones yesterday. I ran out of yarn on the last winter one, so so far I only have 6 winter cloths. If the same holds true for the spring and summer cloths, then I'll only make six. If the rest have enough yarn for 7, then I'll go buy another ball of yarn. We'll see what happens. Here they are with their sets forming.And here they are stacking up on my bookshelf along with all the other Christmas presents that are already done.I still have all the ends to weave in on them, but I figure that shouldn't take too long to do. I see the light at the end of the dishcloth tunnel, so hopefully by next week I'll be done with them all and I can move on to something more fun, like DF's present or the mystery stole that really needs to be finished. Only 11 more cloths to go (maybe 9 if I get to drop one from each color)!

Tomorrow will probably have more dishcloth nonsense in it. I know the blog is boring right now, but bear with me. I'll have some more stuff coming soon.

Knit on...

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