Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WIP it Out Wednesday

To keep myself on track in posting pictures of my WIPs, I'm going to start having WIP it out Wednesdays where all I do is show pictures of my current works in progress. So, without any further blathering, here's some pictures.Yep, more dishcloths. On the bright side, this will be the last of the fall-colored ones. I'm about sick of seeing brown and orange together :oPJaywalker Sock the Second is coming along. It's about 4 inches now, but I haven't worked on it in a week. The yarn is Lorna's Bee Stripe. I'm liking the striping effect on the sock.Yeah, my thumb blocked part of the flash, but here's the mystery stole. I'm done with clue 3. I may work on it some at lunch today if I feel like knitting.The beginning of DF's Christmas knit. Definitely much better than that first sweater I made him. Better yarn, better pattern, all is well :oP

They were able to schedule the funeral and visitation for my cousin really quickly. So, I'm going to the visitation tonight and then the funeral tomorrow. I won't be at work tomorrow, so no blog post, but I should have some stuff for Friday.

Knit on...


Dana said...

Thanks for updating! Your WIPs look great- I especially love the Jaywalker sock! :)

Ann said...

Don't worry about your thumb blocking the flash--it just makes the stole look even more mysterious. Mood lighting!