Thursday, September 20, 2007

One Picture At Least

I am finally done with all the fall-colored dishcloths. Now I'm starting on the winter-colored ones. Four balls of kitchen cotton made seven cloths with 4.5 pattern repeats. I like my dishcloths to be rectangular, so I didn't do the 6 repeats the pattern called for.I think 7 is a good number. I can't think of many more people than 7 off the top of my head who I will be giving gifts to. My more distant family members do an ornament exchange, so I'll just provide an ornament for that. Perhaps I will needle felt a ball or something. We'll see how ambitious I get.

I'm heading to my friend Erica's tonight, so I should get some work done on more dishcloths and maybe the never-ending Jaywalker the Second.

I bought a new toy last night too. As a thank-you for my work at the meeting, I was given a 50 dollar mall gift card. I ran by there last night and finally bought a Nintendo DS lite. I already had a DS, but I've been wanting a DS light since they're brighter and significantly smaller than the original. Plus, they had a bundle offer going on with a crimson DS, case, and Brain-Age 2, so that's what I picked up. I played it some last night and I can't believe how much brighter the screen is. Plus, it has settings where you can change the brightness of the screen for different light settings. I'm very happy with my purchase. Plus, now DF will get the other DS and we can link up to play some DS games like MarioKart and such.

Knit on...

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Dana said...

The washcloths are looking great! Can't wait to see the progress on everything else you're working on!

I have a DS too, and I really love it. Have you ever played the Harry Potter & The Quidditch World Cup game? It's my favorite! :) Have fun gaming! :)