Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm on a Finishing Streak

I don't know why I am, but for some reason I'm on a finishing streak right now. Every project that is currently on the needles needs to be finished. First I finished the fitted tank from hell, now I finished the single crochet baby blanket, and I have my eyes set on finishing the mystery stole. I'm on clue 3 of the stole and I'm going to make the modified version. I know a lot of people like the swan wing on the stole, but I don't and I don't think the intended recipient would like it either. So, I'm making a symmetrical version of it with no wing.

My intentions right now are to make two pieces and then graft them together in the middle to form the symmetrical stole. I think this will probably be the easiest way since A) I can use another hank of lace yarn instead of trying to splice it together and B) grafting is just so easy compared to flipping the pattern around and having it look correct.

I'll have pictures tomorrow of the baby blanket if I make it in to work. I've got my annual physical, so it's time to have blood drawn and be told what's wrong with me now... :oP It's early in the morning, so I may or may not be in to work depending on how long it takes. If you don't get pictures tomorrow, you'll get them on Monday for sure.

Knit on...


visioner said...
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Dana said...

I hope your physical goes well. I always want to just go home and go to bed after someone's poked and prodded on me, too.

Can't wait to see pics of the mystery stole! I think your plan is a good one.