Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Made It!

The evil meeting is over with now. I'm exhausted, sleepy, and would very much like to eat the four bricks of chocolate and four mini-bottles of Jim Beam that they gave me last night in thanks for my hard work. It's always nice when they give you things that you're trying to avoid like the plague when on weight watchers, but it's the thought that counts :oP

They did give me a 50 dollar mall gift card, so that's more like it :oP I think I'll be buying a new Nintendo DS Lite with that.

My brain is fried and I have no knit a stitch since Wednesday or Thursday of last week. I'm too lazy to see what day was the last one I posted on. I think I would like to knit some tonight if I can put Final Fantasy down for a few minutes. For some reason, smashing wolves sounds much more appealing to me than anything else. And no, that's not Jim Beam talking.

Anyways, hopefully, fingers crossed, I'll have knitting content on here tomorrow. If nothing else, I'll put up pictures of the random free swag that I picked up at the meeting. I now have an entire kitchen's worth of random oil company mugs and enough Haliburton pens to last me the rest of my life.

Knit on...

1 comment:

Dana said...

LOL sounds highly entertaining. I'm glad the meeting is over- maybe now your life can go back to normal! Looking forward to seeing the knitting pics!