Monday, September 24, 2007

Poker Stud Pattern For Sale

Oh, by the way, here's some shameless self-promotion now. About a year ago, I started working on an original design for a scarf for DF. We both like to play poker, so I was hoping to create something poker-related. I charted out the different suits and this was the finished result:The pattern was named Poker Stud and it's the first thing I made DF that he and I are both not ashamed for him to wear (that first sweater still makes me cringe). I finally have the pattern for sale on The Knitting Vault. The Knitting Vault is a great place to put up patterns. It's free for designers and you can charge whatever you want for the pattern. I'll be putting more patterns for sale on the site soon. I'll also be selling this pattern on my Etsy store, so you can look for it there too. The pattern costs 5 dollars. The Knitting Vault will give you a PDF download of the pattern and the Etsy store will give you a printed copy of the pattern. I'm still working on how to make it into a PDF myself (The Knitting Vault does that for you), so as soon as I can, I'll be having it for download on Etsy.Here's the direct link to the Knitting Vault pattern: Click Here


robyn said...

I am so glad you are selling your pattern. If you want to put a few copies in the store on consignment we would love to sell it.

Zabet said...

I can make it into a PDF for ya, or if you use a Mac all you have to do is go to print the file and instead of clicking "ok" when the print dialog comes up, chose "save as PDF" instead.

If you need me to do it, send it to my gmail account and it should take a total of 35 seconds!