Friday, September 28, 2007

A Magical Weekend

Yep, Magic: the Gathering weekend, that is. Tomorrow is the Lorwyn pre-release, so we're heading to Louisville to play in what could be our last Magic tournament for a while, unless we find Magic players in Korea, which would be cool. I haven't read up about Lorwyn at all, so I may try and do some reading on it today. It would be really cool if DF and I both finished in the prize money tomorrow (we've been getting close and we have both finished up there before).

Knitting-wise, I am done with the Spring dishcloths. I only got 6 done before running out of yarn, so I'll just make up six sets of four dishcloths instead of 7. I cast on for the first summer one, but that's all I got done on it last night before heading to bed.

I woke up this morning and it was half-way cool for once! That made me feel much better. We had another heat wave come through that ended up shooting temperatures close to 90 again, so that was miserable. Looks like it'll be a nice weekend, so it's the perfect time to stay inside and play cards :oP

Have a great weekend everyone!

Knit on...

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