Friday, July 06, 2007

First Jaywalker Done

OK, these socks are addicting. I really want to cast on for the second sock right now, but stupid me grabbed the ziploc with the sock in it, forgetting that I should also grab the second ball of Lorna's which is sitting in the yarn closet. Oh well, I suppose it won't be the end of me not to cast on for the second sock until tonight. Here are the requisite sock photos:Forgive the darkness of the pictures. These were taken at work this morning and the lighting sucks here.I thought they were going to be too tight, but turns out they fit perfectly. Sure, they're a little snug trying to get them over the heel, but once they're on, they're the best fitting pair of socks I have ever made for myself.I really like the colorway here, but I wonder if it wouldn't look better in some other pattern, like Monkey perhaps. The gray striping fascinates me though.All it has done is make me want to knit the second sock so that I can wear the darned things. That and start the next pair since it will be in that bumblebee striping Lorna's. I think those will make for interesting Jaywalkers.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm going to try not too eat too much at the family's BBQ, but we all know how that's going to turn out!

Knit on...

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robyn said...

Your sock is beautiful!! Now I want to knit another pair of Jaywalkers.