Monday, July 23, 2007

Sleepy....but finished....

OK, so this weekend was mostly about Harry Potter. My book arrived late Saturday morning with the mail and I immediately cracked it open and got about half way through it when DBF came over and I put it down. I needed to walk away from it for a little before my eyes became permanently glued to the pages. So, we went to see a movie called The Golden Door (not worth seeing, btw) and then played 9 holes of disc golf. We grabbed some dinner at Carrabas and then I went back to reading.

Sunday morning DBF and I were baptized at our church. We're now (whoops, I had put not first, but DBF caught that) full members and he was baptized for the first time and I was re-baptized since I didn't remember anything from my first one as a kid, so I made a profession as an adult. After church we went out to eat with my grandparents and then DBF and I played Conquest of Pangea (please get at least 3 players. A 2 player game is strictly luck of the time cards) then went to see a concert at the church. After that, it was back to Harry Potter.

I finished the book at 10:30 last night then crashed and went to bed. My theory was right, but for all of those who are still reading, I won't tell. I'm sure it's all over the internet already as it is. There was a lack of knitting this weekend, but maybe today I'll get back to that :oP

Knit on...

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