Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We Have a Man Down!

Sorry, no knitting pictures today. I forgot the memory card reader this morning, so I can't get the pictures I took this morning off the camera until tomorrow. But in the meantime, there's a man down.

Yes, that's right, I have the first hole in a pair of hand-made socks I have ever gotten. It stared at me blatantly when I tried to put the sock on and my toe got caught in it. It's a shame too because those socks were good merino.

Yeah, I know I could fix them. See, Spooky has a thing for socks and she really liked these socks when I was knitting them. She tried to steal the yarn many times from me and run it back to her cage to build a nice bunny nest. So, since it was that same sock she liked so much, I gave it to her.

Insert cute bunny sitting on sock picture here.

I also went to SnB at lunch and at Jane's last night and worked on the Jaywalkers. I finished the heel flap and turned the heel on the second sock, so it's getting there. Maybe by this weekend I'll have them finished, you never know. Today at lunch though, I'm really hoping to finish clue 2 for the mystery stole 3. Hopefully I'll get that done. I'm hoping if I can get it done at lunch that I can finish clue 3 after work today since I'm taking my car in for service tonight since the check engine light keeps coming on. It's an older car, so I just would rather be safe than sorry.

Speaking of cars, DBF's Blazer blew up yesterday. He sent me some pictures, so here, look at a blown up radiator.Sure, it looks all OK sitting there, but the radiator blew and even managed to catch on fire. It just sucks, but it looks like the radiator was the only thing that was hurt and the rest of the engine should be fine. I guess he'll find out today.

On that note, I'll get my butt to work. I actually have a bunch of stuff to do today.

Knit on...


Miss Me said...

lucky spooky! everybunny needs handknit socks, right? (sorry about that - just couldn't help myself.)
fingers crossed that it is just the rad in the blazer... been there, done that. but it wasn't just the rad.

p.s. congrats on the blackout bingo!

jackie said...

congratulations on winning vvs bingo! enjoy reading your blog. hope the engine turns out ok.