Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Little Knitting, a Little Poker, a Little Bellydancing

As is tradition on Monday nights, I went and played poker in the free league. I sucked and was out by the first break (two pair gets beaten by trips...kinda hard to know he had trips though since there wasn't a pair on the board...), but I did get some knitting in. I worked on the Jaywalkers some and I'm hoping to finish them by tonight. Here's the progress so far:It doesn't show it very well, but I'm about 2-3 inches beyond the heel now. Hopefully with lunchtime SnB and SnB at Jane's tonight I'll be able to finish this pair. I still really like the pattern and would like to make it again with the bumblebee stripe Lorna's that I have at the house, I think right now I would like to make a simple basic sock so that I can see it get finished quickly. Sometimes I like patterns and sometimes I like simplicity.

I also rented some bellydancing fitness videos from the library the other day. My friend Courtney was talking about how much fun she was having in her class, so I thought I would take the free way out and go see what the library had. They are fun videos, but I feel like a dork doing them. The videos have these two skinny Indian twins on them and then you have me, chubby, tall, red-head girl trying to keep her coordination together enough not to trip over her own two feet. Anyways, they're still fun and I can do them in the small space in my room, so that is also helpful since I don't want to look like an idiot in front of anyone.

Pictures tomorrow of hopefully a completed Jaywalker. We'll see.

Knit on...

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