Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Little Knitting, a Little Poker

So it goes on Monday nights :oP

I played poker after work and made it to the final table at least. DBF is off all this week, so he got to play too and he won the first tournament. While playing poker, I knit as always.Has anyone else noticed how horribly the Jaywalker sock photographs for me? When I get the pair all finished, I'll be sure to take some pictures outside so that you can see the colors and pattern better. I really am pleased that the yarn is doing that spiral stripe thing again so that I'll have matching socks when it comes to that pattern.

I also knit some on the mystery stole clue number 2. I'm about 1/4 way done with it and I'm hoping to have the majority of clue 2 done by tonight if not all of it. I'll work on it some at home before SnB. I learned my lesson last week, don't bring lace to SnB, even if it is easy lace.

Knit on...


robyn said...

I can't get over how great your Jaywalkers look.

Monica said...

Congrats on the BINGO!http://