Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Little Lace

So, on Friday I joined Mystery Stole 3 like everyone else in blogland. I read about it on Stephanie's blog and decided that I should give it a shot. Yeah, I know I'm working on a lace dragon shawl right now, but I needed some much easier lace that I can fly through and see some real progress. The dragon shawl is becoming sloggish, but I am enjoying knitting it.

Speaking of the slog, I passed it on to its recipient last night and got my money. Now I get to deposit the check and go shopping for something nice. I think I'm going to get a DVD set off ebay that I've been wanting for the past year now. It's the complete Sailormoon series in the original Japanese with English subs. Sounds silly, but I really have been wanting that set for a while. The slog should bring me some joy I think :oP

But anyways, I knit on the first clue for the mystery stole. I'm about 15 rows away from being done with clue one and clue two looks like I'll be able to fly through that a lot faster than clue one. Here's my progress so far:Pretend that it's a good picture. This will be a Christmas present for someone, but I don't know who yet. It's made out of the Shimmer from KnitPicks that has been sitting in my stash for a little bit now.

I also made a little obscure Harry Potter creature called a Pygmy Puff. They appeared in book six and Ginny Weasley had one named Arnold. Here's my version of one of the Puffs:Today is SnB at lunch where I'll work some more on Jaywalkers and I'll pick up the finishing touches for my Virtual Vacation Swap secret pal. I know of a few things that I still need to get, plus I need all the random touristy stuff too. I'll work on the Jaywalkers some more tonight at SnB at Jane's as well.

Knit on...

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