Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quote of the Night

Last night at SnB, Abby had a great quote:

I bought a fleece, but it hasn't gotten here yet because it's still on the hoof and they can't catch her

That cracked me up. Now, on to Jaywalker news. I finished the pair last night and here they are:These are quite possibly my new favorite pair of socks. They fit snug, but I like that, although for the next pair, I'm definitely making the bigger size so that I can get them over the heel easier. I've been assured that they still stay pretty tight even at the bigger size. They hug my foot well and...They are Spooky approved. She was already in her cage for the night and I knew if I let her out to approve of the socks, she wouldn't be going back in for a while. So, I'm wearing my new socks today and I really love them. I started another pair of socks last night, but these are going to be plain stockinette. I need something simple right now before starting my second pair of Jaywalkers.

Knit on...

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