Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another Blessing Comes My Way

While reading Chicken Soup for the Traveller's Soul, I came across a little story about a woman who was working with Mother Teresa. She was the one who had to inform the Mother that things may not be going according to plan. She would tell about the problems, one by one, until they were all out. After a few months on the job, the Mother told her that she sure uses the word problem a lot. Perhaps she should find another word. When the woman tried to come up with another word for problem, all she could think about was words that were considered even worse. So the Mother chimes in and tells her perhaps she should call them blessings since even problems can be blessings.

I had another "blessing" smack me in the face last night. After getting home from work, I go into the bedroom to change clothes and turn on the light. When I do, sparks come flying out of the electrical socket near my closet (and all my yarn!). The lights dim and flicker and finally go dead, leaving smoke coming out of the socket. Great, my house is going to catch on fire, I think. So, I put in a call to my grandparents asking if Grandpa could come over and help me figure out which breaker to turn off so that my house won't suddenly burst into flames in the middle of the night. We figure out which breaker it is after some trial and error (I was uber paranoid that I would lose all power and once again lose all the food in the damn fridge) and get the electricity cut off to that end of the house. Now I have to alert the home owners that once again something has decided to bless us.

I did do some knitting and spinning last night though. Mostly I spun. I did a pattern repeat on the nightie then decided that I needed a break from knitting, so I brought out the spinning wheel. Here's the nightie in progress:
And for fun, here's how much traffic there has been since Monday:
I'm still fascinated with this yarn. Good pick, Kim! Here's the fiber in progress picture:

I ended up spinning up the rest of this bobbin and about half of another one. I'm a little over half way done with the roving that Emily gave me for Christmas. It's spinning up really nice and it'll make about two skeins worth of yarn, so not too bad. I forgot what it was like to spin with really good fiber (been spinning up that red roving crummy cheapo stuff) and it just flows as nicely as can be. Really makes a huge difference. Now, if I can ever finish up this nightie, I can start making something out of this handspun. This blue will be going with the white that Erica sent me for my birthday since they are both merino/mohair blend yarns.

Gotta go email the owners about the little blessing last night. I'm sure they will see it as that...

Knit on...

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