Monday, February 05, 2007

Guess What?

Remember how I had hoped I wasn't getting sick? Surprise, I was! Actually, I had a UTI, so it wasn't so much sick as it was just feeling miserable, but anyways, it's over now. I ended up leaving work early on Thursday, staying home on Friday, and sacking out the rest of the weekend with my bottle of cranberry juice cocktail.

I got all my Magic cards sorted except for Planar Chaos which I only opened on Saturday since I wanted to open the boxes with DBF (if you are a couple who plays Magic, you'd understand). We watched UK beat Arkansas which was nice then opened packs. I also knit some and I'm about six inches away from being done with DBF's poker scarf. It's getting there and I'm looking forward to finishing it up so I can see what the finished product looks like and just how much blocking the sucker needs.

Anyways, I'm coming in to work early all this week to make up time, so hopefully I'll remember to take pictures the night before and not be skimpy this week while I make up the time.

Knit on...

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