Thursday, February 15, 2007

An FO, a WIP, and Some Yarn

First, here is the most basic FO I think I have ever put up on this blog: a crocheted facecloth made out of cotton chenille yarn, all in double crochet
It's just a plain old square, but it's soft and Kathy will hopefully like it. It was for Valentine's Day for her, but we both missed work yesterday, so she'll get it today. I waited forever for AAA to come and pop the lock on my car (five hours I believe I waited from the time I got through to them to the time they arrived), so I ended up just skipping work and running some errands. The local co-op had owner discount days, so I went and stocked up on tofu and other co-opish things. I also knit. I'm at 12 inches on the nightgown now. I forgot how horribly this thing photographs for me in the mornings:
It looks nice, just use your imagination in this photo. I'll try to get a better picture of it when I can. Maybe tonight if I'm ambitious enough after poker. I also spun some yarn yesterday, trying to use up the rest of the red roving I have lying around. I may do some more spinning tonight before poker so that I can use up some more. I'm almost done with it. Here's the two skeins I spun up last night:

I do like this colorway, I'm just getting tired of the red roving. It doesn't feel nice when spinning and it has a tendency to slub up really bad. That's why it is called seconds though. It was produced in a dying mis-hap and it is sold considerably cheaper than regular grade A roving. Like 12 bucks a pound cheap. But it's almost done finally. Then the question becomes, what in the hell do I do with this?

Knit on...

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