Monday, February 19, 2007

The Curse of the Peanut Butter

OK, so on Tuesday, before the reports came out on Wednesday about the bad batch of peanut butter, I ate some of my Peter Pan crunchy peanut butter. I didn't get sick, but I checked the jar and saw it was part of that 2111 batch, so I tossed it. Come Thursday evening, I start having stomach problems. Friday, I'm in full bacterial body cleanse mode and I grab the jar of peanut butter out of the trash to bring to the doctor today since she said that would be a good idea, but she was 99.9% sure that I had been affected by salmonella. Yeah for me...

I'm better now, just made for a miserable Friday. I'm staring at the offending jar right now which will be taken to the doctor as soon as her office opens in another little bit. Aside from being sick on Friday, the rest of the weekend was good. Saturday DBF and I watched UK play and that was a downer. Three losses in a row...blah. Then we played a marathon of Magic to test out a new deck that we built together and saw that it kicks arse and is able to beat just about any deck out there except maybe counter burn. Give it a little tweaking and that may be taken care of too! After the marathon, we decided to go catch a movie, but when we got out there to drive to the movie, it was a little icier than we thought it would be, so we decided to stay home and play some more Magic! It was a pretty relaxing day anyways.

Sunday I had to vacate the house so that the owners could stay there for the night and leave today. I don't particularly like to vacate the house since I have to a) clean and b) put away anything I don't want the kids or the adults to mess with. One of these things is the spinning wheel which while small, still is clunky to move around. After vacating, we went to go see Pan's Labyrinth. This is a very good movie, but much more graphic than I thought it would be. It was kind of fun to listen to the Spanish and see what all I could pick up on since that was my language of choosing back in college. I could pick up words here and there, but it was hard to pick up full sentences and concepts. Luckilly, it has subtitles :oP

Knitting-wise, I am to the waist decreases on the nightgown. My computer is at the house still, else I would have taken pictures and posted them today. You'll get some tomorrow when I can download some pictures. I also finally finished the rest of the red roving and can now figure out what to do with it. I think it might be enough to make a pair of mittens and either a scarf or a hat. Maybe it'll be enough to do all three, but I doubt it. We'll see. Next up is the blue merino-kid mohair blend that I intend to use as accents for the roving that Erica sent me for my birthday which is already spun up and taunting me and begging me to use it daily :oP

There you have my weekend in a nutshell. More knitting content tomorrow.

Knit on...

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Yikes - bad peanut butter! Glad to hear you are feeling better!