Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Half Way There

I'm half way done with the Mason Dixon Knitting After Dark Nightie now. I also made a very important decision last night on what color the straps should be. I knew I didn't want them to be black and wanted some color, so I rummaged through my bra drawer to see if there were any that were ready to be recommissioned into something else and lo and behold, there was the hot pink bra that fit me several years ago, but now squishes and begs to be made into something else. Hot pink straps on a black nightie. I think it'll work out perfectly. Here's the back of the nightgown: I was slightly off somewhere on the top border and instead of ripping, I decided it was only something that I would notice or that a knitter thouroughly inspecting the nightie would notice. It was also 10 and I needed to get my butt to bed, so if I get ambitious, I'll fix it. Here's a close up of the top border and it's slight wonkiness: I'm getting kind of tired of this WIP not photographing particularly well. I know that taking pictures of black objects with a white background is difficult, but my little digital camera just doesn't seem to be able to handle it. I'll crack out the SLR for the final pictures and take them on film so that I can adjust settings to get a good picture of it.

I was tickled to death when I saw that Ann posted a comment on yesterday's post. Yes, THAT Ann. I was so tickled in fact, that I drug my fellow knitter/coworker into the bathroom (male geologists just do not understand what we get all excited about when it comes to sticks and string) and told her that I had a post from Ann on my blog. She was equally as excited I think.

Anyways, I spent last night knitting and then crashing. I also had to give some thought as to what to give up for Lent this year. I'm a Southern Baptist, but our pastor is an ex-Catholic who encourages us to follow the liturgical calendar. I decided on ice cream for Lent this year. I'll miss it and it'll be hard, but it'll also be good for me too I think.

Knit on...

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