Monday, February 12, 2007

Of Roses and Coughing

So this weekend DBF and I celebrated Velentine's Day since he has to work on Wednesday evening. We exchanged gifts (I got FF3 and gorgeous roses, he got a foot spa with some epsom salt and a 2G flash drive), went out to eat at one of our favorite Chinese buffets in town, and watched the UK/UF game. UK almost came back there at the end. If we hit that last shot, I think we could have beaten them in overtime. Stupid buzzer...

Anyways, here are the gifts being modelled by two gorgeous people :oP

I hadn't opened FF3 yet, else I would have been holding it here too. He hid it in the box of turles he gave me. Sneaky guy...And a close-up of the roses:Oh, and I also managed to get in some knitting this weekend too. This thing is rediculous to try to photograph right now since it's lace, and we all know what lace does when you don't have it nicely blocked:

Mason Dixon After Dark Nightgown, about 2.5 inches done on the lace part. The lace is so simple that the pattern can be memorized and it turns into mindless knitting which is nice on the weekends.

DBF started coughing up a storm Saturday night and some on Sunday. I'm really hoping that he's not getting sick again. He just came off the antibiotics from the last round, so hopefully it's not doing the rebound thing. I woke up this morning coughing, so I'm hoping that I haven't caught the thing either. Maybe mine was just from the dry air courtesy of the space heater last night. Hopefully.

Knit on...

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