Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cardboard Crack

Today, DBF and I get our hands on the cardboard crack that is Magic: the Gathering. Planar Chaos will arrive this morning and I will think about the cards all day. I almost called in today because I was so freaking cold this morning that I didn't want to leave the nice warm bedroom (God I love space heaters!), but I knew that I needed to come in and not waste a sick day on that. I felt a little off this morning too for some reason. I really hope that I have not caught the dumb cold that's been going around the office.

Honestly, if you are sick, please do not force yourself to come in to work and share your germs. People are sick enough from the mold in the building, much less any viruses or bacteria that you may want to help spread. I do not care to know what they are, so please, stay home. This job is very good about letting you make up time if you are out of sick days, so please, stay home and let me bank up mine so that I can take time off when I need to and not just keep hovering at my three sick days that never seem to grow into anything more than that...

Knitting-wise, I knit some more on the back of the poker scarf. I think it's around 3 feet, so I'm getting close to being half-way done. I'll be playing poker tonight unless I start feeling worse (don't know if it's a cold or if it's just funk from shivering most of the night since I can't afford to turn up the heat) or know for sure if this is a cold, so I'll be knitting then. Hopefully I can get another 6 inches to a foot done tonight. Looks like I won't meet my goal of finishing it before Planar Chaos arrives, but hell, do I really ever make any of my goals? I finished the Knitting Olympics two weeks late just because I didn't want to knit some nights :oP

Knit on...

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