Friday, February 23, 2007

The Blessing Continues

Yeah, so I go home around 2 yesterday to meet the electrician so that I can keep my house from burning down and he "fixes" the problem. After playing poker and plying the rest of the blue merino-mohair blend, I decided I should go to bed. But first, I need to plug in my cell phone charger. I do that and sparks come flying out again and kill the electricity to that end of the house. Now I have to call the electrician again. Oh well. Here's some yarny photos for you:

I went to Stones Throw Artisans yesterday after dealing with the electrician and bought two balls of sock yarn and a flick carder with my gift certificate. I was happy. The top is opal obviously in UK blue and white, so I decided I had to get that. The bottom is Sockotta cotton/wool blend yarn which I have never worked with before, so decided I should give it a try. The flick carder is an Ashford and I can't wait to start preparing the fleece which is my next spinning project.

Speaking of spinning, I finished up the blue merino-mohair blend that Emily gave me:

It's not quite that dark actually. It's got more purple and green in there than the picture shows. Here's a couple of close ups:

It's 2-ply just like the white merino kid mohair blend that Erica gave me. I'm excited, trying to plan what these two yarns will become. They're very soft, so it can definitely be a next to skin item.

Knit on...

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asterpurl said...

The yarn looks awesome! Sorry to hear about all your electrical blessings!