Friday, February 09, 2007

Some General Musings

I drove home from work yesterday and was getting so fed up with the drivers ahead of me. These two people were trying to carry on a conversation between two moving vehicles in rush-hour traffic. I love how sometimes humanity can burp up stupidity like that. I started to daydream about what they were yelling to each other about (it was cold and I'd be damned before I rolled down my window) and of course, I drifted to knitting.

Car One: "Dude, have you been able to figure out provisional cast-on yet?"

Car Two: "Yeah, man, it's simple really. I'm not doing anything important right now, let me show you while I drive..."

Ok, it's dumb, I admit it, but it kept me from ramming into them with my tank of a pre-oil embargo days car.

I get home and watch the news after fixing vegetarian tacos for dinner and saw that Anna Nicole Smith died. Why when they said that was I surprised? I know she was young, but dear Lord, think of all the chemicals that had to be in that system. It was probably TrimSpa that set her over the edge after all...

I stole DBF's new scarf last night and went to play poker. I got a lot of looks at the scarf from the players there since they had all watched me knit the thing while playing. One new guy even asked how much I would charge to make him one. I told him it would be around 75 bucks because of the cost of materials and the amount of time it would take and frankly the fact that I didn't want to make another one of these right now. They all just laughed. Now I am making an ankle-length sweater for someone at the league, but she is paying me for it and I want a new designing challenge and something I can maybe get published later on. Anyways...

I also pulled cards for a few new Magic decks last night. If DBF is able to pull cards today, we'll probably play some if he isn't too tired. The poor guy busts his ass during the week at a crappy job, so he can call the shots on the weekends depending on how tired he is. That's it for today. I'm going to re-cast on the After Dark Nightgown from Mason Dixon Knitting since I was working on that before I realized I was purling wrong and I want it to be as consistent as possible.

Knit on...

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