Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How About Some Knitting Content?

The scarf is almost done, but I ran out of yarn...

It's only like 2-3 more inches...I could be done with that in 20 minutes, but no, I'm out of yarn...So, today at lunch, I am going to trudge down the icy sidewalks and make my way to ReBelle to buy more yarn and finish the thing. I even brought my crochet hook so that I could start seaming it up once I get the rest of it knit. Spooky was a cat in a previous life, I firmly believe it...She likes yarn and she likes to play in boxes. See?
I didn't stick her in there either. She just hops in, runs around inside of it, then hops back out. Every now and then I'll find her in the kitchen just sitting in there all curled up. It's quite cute. Tonight I may not do much knitting, but I will finish the scarf. The reason? This:

Still sorting.

Knit on...

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