Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Green with Envy

I was really trying to find a good post title for today, but nothing was really coming through. Some days inspiration just seems to come out, and other days you come up with titles like Green with Envy when you're spinning some green superwash roving. Anyways, here's what I've spun up so far. I may be red/green colorblind, but thanks to the coating on my glasses, I can see a little shading in greens again. This green is just green, but I love the color. I think it looks like the same green that Wendy is using in Cromarty, but my eyes could be fooling me. I love that this yarn will be a superwash wool. I haven't gotten the hang of spinning sock-weight yarn yet, but depending on how this stuff looks plied, I very well may have to learn.

Forgive the blurriness of this picture. It was 6:30 this morning and dark and I couldn't wait for the camera to take five hours to try to find something to focus on. I think it shows the color pretty well, even if the picture looks dark to me. I'll probably be spinning some more of this tonight while catching up on Heroes which I am horribly behind on.

One of the simple pleasures in life was plugging the TV back on in the bedroom and finding out that I can actually get the local NBC channel without an external antenna. I know how to program this TV, so all I need now is a blank tape and I will be able to watch Days of Our Lives again. That is one of my guilty pleasures. I take great joy in watching this soap :oP

Anyways, nothing terribly exciting to report on for the nightie. I'm almost to the waist decreases, so I'm a little over half way done with the front panel. I'm hoping to get most of it done tonight so that I can finish it on Thursday or Friday and get some good pictures of it this weekend. I think I'm going to be posting Poker Stud on the knitting vault since no one from MagKnits seems to want to get back to me despite several emails and pictures. I just mostly want to get it out on the internet so that anyone looking for something like that can have a pattern. Oh well.

Knit on...

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Emma said...

That's a very pretty color. Have fun catching up on Heroes!