Thursday, April 12, 2007

40-9=31, plus some stuff to buy

Just 31 more inches to go! It rained yesterday, so I didn't get a picture of the sweater in progress, but I'll try to get one up here tomorrow. It's really not that exciting. Stockinette out of acrylic yarn just doesn't thrill me much. But I did work on it some at SnB during lunch yesterday. I went from 8 inches to about 9 inches done. No one wanted to get out last night, so I wasn't able to force myself to knit on the thing any more after lunch. Instead I visited my grandparents and went to bed early last night. I needed sleep it seems since I didn't wake up until my alarm rang this morning.

Damn alarms...

Anyways, tonight I'll be running with Rebecca again. My legs are still sore from Tuesday, so hopefully some jogging will work that out of my system.

I have a few things for sale right now. I am too lazy to put them up on the etsy store right now, so I'll just plop them up here for the moment. I have seven skeins total of this red/black/white mix called lava that I spun up. Each skein is about 70-80 yards. I'd really like to sell the whole lot of seven for 40 bucks. If not, then I'll sell individual skeins for 7 bucks each. One skein is enough to make a buttonhole scarf, but two skeins will give you plenty for a nice long scarf. It's a wool mix, so can't say what kinds of sheep helped make this, but it's pretty soft. Here's a few pictures. Email me at knittingmagicgirl @ gmail dot com if you would be interested in picking these up. Help a girl get out of debt! :oP
The yarn is a heavy worsted to slightly bulky thick and thin yarn. It makes for a nice subtle texture, but an overall evenness in the knitted fabric.

The skeins are predominately red with some subtle black and white tones mixed in.

Also, I have one non-crafty thing for sale. Thought I would throw it up here before sticking it up on ebay. It's the FIRM exercise system. Comes with the step and all three original DVDs in the original box. I found that I just don't have room for this anymore and I really don't use it. I have an exercise bike and I'm running, so that gets me my aerobics in. It's a fun system though and I do recommend it. 20 bucks to a good home. Again, email me at knittingmagicgirl @ gmail dot com if ingterested.

OK, no more shameless self promotion.

Knit on...


Zabet said...

Hey, can I steal these Lava pics to put on my Ravelry stash page? (Lazy, I know, but can you blame me? I don't look forward to photographing all that stash!)

Knitting Magic Girl said...

Yep, use them to your heart's content :oP